Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fort Devens, MA - Dec 1960

On the first December my leave had not started yet.In the morning we went out in the forest and set up a tent.It was very cold. After dinner I went to Finance and got $193.20 travel pay..Then I pulled charge of quarters at the Motor Pool...(Some one need a jeep or truck I was there to see it signed out properly).

For dinner I walk to the Mess hall but a soldier drove me back,At the motor pool I studied mathematics and wrote letters.After midnight still writing letters.Then I got relieved went back to the barracks and slept until noon time

I ate dinner at the "Crossroads" snack bar and later I wash my field jacket and fatigue in a Laundromat in Ayer,Mass.At the Service club I called a Miss Carmel Randozzi (more later on that)The next day cleaning my M1 rifle and work as CQ in the motor pool studying Mathematics lessons.,On the 4th Dec the usual work day bu then I was packing my duffel bag to get ready to leave,,The 5th Dec was my last day with the 232nd Combat engineers.

I spent the day going back and forth doing all the paper work that was needed to clear post..I went to Ayer the town nearby and had dinner Mixed Fish,clams,shrimp,scallops,Then I bought ticket to Hartford,Conn. I called Miss Carmel Randozzi..after three calls got her and will see her tomorrow..I got on the bus at midnight,The Bus driver could not let me off in Hartford so I had to walk across a long bridge and walk a dozen blocks before I found a place to sleep at a YMCA..I went to the greyhound bus station and got my bags.I caught a bus to Putman Rd. to Burns school.To see a Miss Carmel Putman a 3rd grade school teacher. I stayed around the school until she got off and went to her house, then we went across the street to eat dinner I had three Manhattans and Veal cutlets, spaghetti,salad, port wine and black coffee. We just talked.
I write if she is that cold I'm headed for warmer climate"

Her father drove me to the YMCA..On the 7th Dec I called my sisters husband :Louis" come I say to New York to pick me up..and he says "no I wont", so it was a couple of days of walking around and sleeping at the YMCA,.Talk about a nothing affair that was it,,Don't ask me why..I went to see her..On the 8th Dec it was catch a bus to New Jersey.

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